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Production Scheduler
Pennsylvania, United States
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Job Description

  • Oversee the creation and maintenance of production schedules for each operation to successfully meet customer demand while also optimizing finished goods and WIP inventory and minimizing machine changeovers.
  • Analyze and create operating schedules that support maximizing machine and labor efficiency and efficiently utilize material and storage space resources while meeting customer requirements.
  • Manage customer order expectations with the schedule and production floor.
  • Communicate daily with internal and external customers as to status of all open orders/jobs.
  • Manage finished goods availability, and potential production issues, ensuring that personnel, equipment, tools, materials and services are available as needed.
  • Work with internal customers to coordinate schedules and establish priorities when required to prevent customer service issues.
  • Make or recommend revisions to planned production schedules as necessary when schedules cannot be met, including preparing back-up schedules.
  • Analyze issues and provide solutions, creative and logistical, to problems concerning production, shipments, shortages, changes and cancellation of orders.
  • Manage the volume of work orders issued to the floor. Ensure work orders are issued to the floor with both available raw stock and/or capacity available. Utilize a combination of created and released work orders to manage the flow of work sent to production while maintaining a short-term finite schedule.

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